A program for startup's impacted by the global pandemic.

Apply to obtain a free website and hosting account.
Web Design & Code

Web Design + Code

Obtain a strong presence online. Now more than ever it is crucial to be visible where people is looking for business when community restrictions exist to decrease the spread of the virus.
Resilience on Pandemic

Resilience on Pandemic

Together we can help reduce the impact of this global crisis. As a community, businesses are partnering up to help the economy and communities stay strong.


All of our causes are hosted in an eco-friendly server. This will help reduce costs in website expenses and help another cause at the same time.

Frequently asked questions.

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Who can apply to the COVID19 program?

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If your business has been impacted by the global pandemic crisis you can apply to our program. At the moment we are focusing on giving strength to those who most need it to stay open.

If you are an organization helping combat the COVID-19 pandemic, you can also apply to our program.

Are there any requirements?

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Startups and/or small businesses need to have a LinkedIn profile with their business listed. If you need help setting this up we will be happy to assign you one of our digital marketing specialists to this task with no charge.

If you are an organization fighting the virus or impacted communities, please associate your email address ending in ".edu, .org, .gov, etc..." to the application.

How long does the process takes?

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We are assigning designers to the COVID-19 cause daily, and distributing them among their availability; This is the reason we cannot predict how long it will take to conclude the process, but we will do our best to accelerate and get you back on e-business.

The application process takes 15-30 days.

Do I need to pay for hosting?

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No, hosting is free of charge. We will be hosting your site in our Eco-Friendly Hosting solution.

If you decide to host your site elsewhere, there's nothing to worry about. Our team will send you the files needed to get your website up and running in your own server.

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